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Wing Ring

This jewellery is as beautiful as it is important.
  • As you scroll through, you will see first hand the process of organic bi-product transformed into a work of art. A true legacy.
  • Bone (cow or buffalo), are carved by artisans to form WINGS . They are then encased onto an adjustable hammered brass band.
  • These angel wings will be with you wherever you may roam. Shielding and protecting you, loving you and spreading goodness where it is needed most.
  • Each ring comes giftboxed
  • The goodness continues with this heartfelt company @b_l_e_s_s_e_d__b_a_l_i paying it forward to support a local charity amidst the current pandemic
  • The Bali Family Foundation charity receives $10 AUD per ring purchase to provide fresh food, water and basic hygiene requirements.
  • True HEART and pure soul.

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