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Ethereal Necklace

A Hand Carved Vintage Unicorn Horn of Bone is Festooned with a Golden Top and set with Golden Dragons bearing golden coins and Faceted Picture Jasper Beads on a Vintage Gucci Chain.

 Exquisite! Rare! Be Quick! Only one Necklace available.

 We mounted the vintage Golden Dragons found in Turkey, with tiny golden gems that come from their mouths to help you bless yourself with sacred money.

The Unicorn is a mythical creature that has deep significance and magical representation across all cultures of the world.

 Native Americans believed that the unicorn was fierce and powerful and represented a creative spirit that only a virgin could tame. 

Unicorn cave paintings have been found in Native American settlements and caves and the elders also told stories and unicorn legends.

Mythological unicorns and unicorn symbols are often found with symbols of lions, eagles, and dragons.

The Unicorn is a powerful, beautiful and rare creature with a feminine allure. Find yourself in its magical presence.


  • Vintage Gucci Chain
  • Rare hand Carved Bone Unicorn Horn
  • Faceted Picture Jasper Bead
  • Golden Dragons

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